Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bits and Pieces of News

This is a bit of a catch up post. Bear with me; I'm supposed to be getting ready to dance.
I'll start with that since I mentioned it. Me and four of the other ladies in the Adult class at PGSID are dancing at a telethon for the Weyburn and Area United Way this afternoon. Our first performance of the 2011-12 season :) I'm sure we will rock the house. I also admit to being completely biased ;)
On the knitting front, Dianna is nearly finished and I've started another Pimpeliesse (check Rav; this is an awesome free pattern) for my GBS WinterAngel Exchange partner. A knitter from Connecticut :) It's going well. Dianna should be off the needles soon: I've got 3 sections left on this tier and then the border triangles.
I'm only going to say that work is a huge pain right now and is leaving me almost too exhausted to do anything.
And if you've peeked at the pics across the top of the page, you've probably guessed I'm getting my outfit for Hallowe'en settled. I'll be going to Bushwakker's Hallowe'en do on the 29th, to see the awesome band (And dear friends of mine) Rogairi. That's going to be a fab evening, for sure :)
Ok, that's all I've got and I've got 45 mins to round up dance shoes and all my what-not for this performance.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Gobble-Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody :) Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. A day to think of the things we are lucky to have in our lives. Here's a list of the things I'm thankful for:
First and foremost: my friends; I'm truly blessed to have such people in my life. I love you all.
My job: pain in the butt though it can be, it still allows me to do quite a lot of things in my off time.
My LYS: fabulous service, beautiful yarns, inspiring and supportive. (For the record: Golden Willow Natural Fibers on 13th Ave, right across from the Cathedral)
My cat: just for being her cute furry self.
My health: I celebrated 5 years clear this spring :) That's an amazing feeling.
Have a great day, everyone :) The sun is shining here so I'm going to go for a walk. That's something else to add to my list: this beautiful fall day :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Interesting Sources

I confess: I've actually been checking where people are finding my blog from. There are the usual suspects: Ravelry, Facebook and Twitter. Then there are two others that one sort of makes sense to me and the other out and out baffles me.
The one that makes sense the more I think about it, is Gothise. It's a social site for alternative minded people. A lot of people knit as a means of expression and for one of a kind items that are not mass-produced. This fits. I'm assuming a specific knitter has been checking my blog. Very cool and welcome.
The other site though is an Asian clothing site for ready-made clothing. Sewn clothing. It doesn't have any connection to knitting, cats or anything else I prattle on about here. Very strange. And my blog doesn't appear in their list of blogs trying for inclusion on the site either. Which is good because that site is so anti-me it's almost ridiculous.  I have no idea how my blog is being linked from that site, but someone is reading from there, so welcome to you too.
I find it interesting to see how my little blog is being found. It kind of gives me an idea of what people like. Seeing as how comments here are few and far between... hint  lol
Speaking of knitting,  I have another tier done on the Dianna :) I may actually get it done on time :)
And to be mean and tease you all that are reading, I have started a new design. I will only say it is similar to one of my other pieces. I don't want to spoil the surprise.
Early work day tomorrow; no rest for the wicked they say. I will add "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes to my Canadian readers and "Happy Columbus Day" wishes to my American readers. Also Happy Birthday to my Grandfather; he'll be 88 on Monday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

FO: Sweet Little Cat Paws is done :)

Finished, right down to sewing in the ends :) Yay, me!! Lol

Pretty self explanatory pics, I think.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm bad

I am. I completely have no desire to work on the Dianna. I got the idea into my head for my next design and that's what I want to do: start work on the new design. I'm a very bad friend. The Dianna is supposed to be a present for someone's birthday. sigh
If I hadn't seen and bought the new yarn last night this wouldn't have happened. I picked up 6 balls of Bernat Mosaic in "optimistic" (kind of a rainbow colorway) with no thought of a project in mind. Then today at the library an idea struck. That's all I'm gonna say for now. I got the crazy idea that I may try to submit this one to knitty or something. Silly me. The only one of my designs anyone actually knits is one of the hats and a friend of mine has knit four of the twelve listed on Ravelry lol Ah, a girl can dream. Off to finish the bands on the SLCP :) Pics soon, I promise. Then I swear I'm going to work on the Dianna.