Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy New Year (yeah it's late)

I'm afraid my computer is still down with a virus; wonder if its the same one that I had just before Christmas? ;)
It appears that I'll be having a bit of an adventure soon enough. An opportunity has come my way to relocate to the lovely province of Newfoundland and I find it impossible to let it pass. I know I always said I'd stay in Saskatchewan but things do change as one gets older. I've got a birthday looming and another year of nothing in my personal life to keep me here. That said, I will miss certain things but such is life.
On the knitting front, pictures of my Dahlia sweater can be seen above in the montage. It turned out beautifully and despite having 5 days of illness and not being able to knit, I finished it in exactly one month :) Currently working on a Clapotis (, designer Kate Gilbert) for a birthday present and will start a pair of "smoking mitts" for a friend. They have a seperate fore-finger and thumb so you can do things outside in cold weather without removing your mitts and freezing your hands. Very practical.
I'd be remiss if I didn't comment on our lovely January weather. We've had windchill temperatures down to -47C this week. And just over a week before that we were sitting at +6C. Gotta love Saskatchewan winters lol Today, we're sitting at -11C; -22C with the windchill, so kind of balmy ;)
The fur-gang is fine and dandy. Am trying to locate a carrier of the required size so I can include Maureen on my adventure East. You honestly don't expect me to leave her behind, do you?
I think that's all my news that's fit to type. Keep warm all!