Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End of 2014 roundup

So, to start off, I wrote a post back in Oct, using the app, that apparently never published :( *sigh* Have I ever explained that technology doesn't like me very much?

Anywho, I was checking Ravelry this morning, trying to decide what WIP(s) to work on when I figured I should check this year's FO total. Can I have a drumroll, please? ;)

7!! Admittedly, they're all small things, but I completed 7 projects in 2014 :) Which means I passed my knitting goal :) Lovely feeling that.

My other goals didn't fair so well. I seemed to have been sick more often than not this year (just over a 4 day bout of flu) so my dance practice goal was never in the running. And my weight loss has been slim to none, although everyone says I look smaller. The common assumption is I've gained muscle. Whatever's going on, I'm still hovering around that last 20lbs I wanted to lose.

Now, as all good end of year posts do, I must look towards 2015 is the New Year and muse about what I can accomplish.

On the knitting side: I don't think 5 projects of a little more substance is out of line. Especially if I get some of these WIPs out of the way ;) Daydreams in Lace jacket, I'm looking at you. You too, Carson shawl.

Dance and weight loss: I'm lumping these two together because I firmly believe they are key to one another. Roomies and I have a budget and plan in place to be living in Town before September. And that will mean Síle back in a dance studio working her tootsies off :) And that combined with walking around the pretty city, I think, is going to help me get the weight under control :) Also, I'm much happier when I dance and that inspires me to be creative in my knitting and other things too. It's all good :)

So, that's my basic hopes for 2015 :) I want to wish everyone a great New Year and may all your projects turn out as planned ;)