Monday, July 22, 2013

Meet Daphne :)

I don't think anyone will be overly surprised that I haven't so much as looked at the Tempting sweater since my last post. All that ribbing is driving me looney tunes :P And I was up to Walmart on Thursday (waiting out some rain after a drs appointment) and lo and behold they had Red Heart Shimmer on clearance... so I bought 2 balls of black and 2 of purple after consulting my handy app and I have started the Daphne tank ( I really need to write down designers' names before I start writing a post). It's going nicely too :) This is a great pattern let me say. It's not difficult but it's a "pay attention to me" pattern. There's some short-row shaping, a basic stripe pattern plus the smocking pattern that gives the top its shape :) It's really a stunning piece :) Want to see pics? Of course you do! (currently listed on Ravelry as wedding top)
The photo shows a close up of the waist smocking.
Have to say, I'm really liking this yarn. It's very soft and easy to work with. But it's listed on the band and on Rav as a worsted weight/ medium and seriously I'm using a 3.25mm needle and it's not tight at all. I'd say it's more of a dk myself but that's my only quibble. Love the sparkle in it.  Thinking it'll be nice with a black skirt and heels for Roomie's cousin's wedding (that somehow I'm attending) in early Sept.
That's all the news here in my corner of the knitterverse!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh Mys


Yeah, I guess I'm just not very good at this whole blog thing. But I do have pics to share! And one is even an FO; we don't see too many of those around here lately. Remember, project details are all in my notebook on Ravelry username knit-dance-repeat

Let's start with said FO: Sweet Little Cats Paw v2.0 :) Got this done in May happily :) photo 1 is the front and photo 2 the back. I'm quite pleased

I have picked up Wingspan (Ravelry; designer's name eludes me) recently and done a bit more (photo 3). The constant garter st gets to me after a bit though.

Which is why I have Day Dreams in Lace otn :) (Knitter's magazine; Brooke Nico) Here's a close-up of the yoke (photo 4) and an in progress shot (photo 5). Am almost to the repeating section of chart C :)

Of course finishing SLCPv2.0 meant I *had* to cast on something new. I chose Tempting (; again designer name is eluding me). And like the Wingspan, it is in a constant pattern throughout (in this case ribbing) which nearly puts me to sleep if I do it too long. *sigh* But I do have progress to show (photo 6). AND I bought ribbons to swap out according to my mood (photo 7). Ribbon is good incentive I think ;)

So that's the WIP line-up here in Newfoundland. Hope you enjoyed the tour ;)