Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time For a Wish List

Almost to the end of another year. So on that note, here's some things I hope to accomplish in 2009:

1)Colorwork: my gauge in colorwork sucks. Starting with my first project in the New Year though I will try to make this better. For this "test", I'm knitting the "A Family Affair" hat out of Elise Duvkot's new book "Knit One Below". 5 colors, stranding is fairly minimal, but gotta start somewhere.

2)My Capelet: other than our Dancer dolls, this'll be the first time I have something the rest of the gang does. Maybe we can wear them at St. Pat's?...

3)Mom's socks: yeah, didn't quite get there. Again.

4)Something signifying my allegience to Great Big Sea: this will have to be designed by me. Possibly a sweater with their names knit in and use the anchor I put on Andi's hat... cables (fun), and colorwork; helping me to accomplish 1). Hmm... Must give this more thought...

Getting Closer...

View from the front, right after completing the side seams. Progress is being made, people! Let the Knitting World rejoice! Progress is being made. May I add, I hope to never knit another sweater that needs seams sewn!

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Bernie's Jacket!!!!

Finally getting around to those darn seams!! (Have I mentioned lately how much I hate sewing seams?) Am at the library, so no excuses or distractions. This was taken right after completing the sleeve-into-shoulder seams.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sheep Scarf for Lesley

Here it is: Lesley's birthday gifty! I made one of the sections for the Sheep wrap in Vogue's Knitting-on-the-go Shawls book. Chose green buttons instead of white ones to give her more character. (Mailed off 12/30/08)

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Monday, December 15, 2008

IDEAS and Woolgathering...

Been looking at Elsebeth Lavold's 2nd book of Viking Knits (as well as Michele Rose Orne's book) and there are 3 designs incorporating cabled motifs into gore sections. In the case of EL thse are outlined by St sts on textured bkgrnds and these sts then carry up into the main body of the piece.
My thought is to put 2 "gores" with motifs, at the back/shoulders and have them dec down to their defined lines and then CABLE these lines (mirrored, of course) to the end. Need to find suitable motif(s) and what should be used as the bkgrnd? One jacket uses a wide ribbing and the other uses Moss st. MRO uses her gores to seperate other fancy cable work section. Must continue to play with these ideas...
Have already chosen Bernat "Satin" in an icy blue shade. Also am wondering what to do about an edging. Should I keep it simple or blow everyone's doors off?! I want this one to completely rock. Not that the others didn't, but this one is personal. Besides, shouldn't the designer get the best one? After all, I'm doing all the work!

Yeah, I'm still here!

Whew! Nearly made it through another holiday season! Happy Birthday's out to the biggest and littlest b(r)others: Quinn and Sean. And Jackie is today so hey to you too!
Finally got all the pics up and notated. Not quite. I have pics for the first of my new pair of mitts. Desperately in need of these but did I think of it this summer? Noooo! Will try and get one of them up by the weekend.
The Think Outside the Sox contest socks have been sent off for a week. Completed them on the 6th and sent them the 7th. No pics of these until the New Year; ie after the deadline is past. I don't think anyone could try them that fast but I'm not chancing it!
The GBS exchange was so much fun. Andi loved her hat and I received an awesome memory box from Eva, full of stickers and charms and all kinds of little doodads. Very cool; can't wait for the summer exchange!!
In knitting design news: I'm gathering ideas for MY CAPELET!! Shannon and Heather wore theirs the night of the GBS concert (thanks for the T, Quinny!!) and looked really sharp and the last time I was at Michael's they had Bernat "Satin" on sale, sooo... I'll do a post just on where my ideas are so far. Need to start thinking Sarah hat too while I'm being all designy...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Great Big Sea!!!

Here I am getting ready for the awesomest concert ever!!!! Our seats (not that we needed them!) were in row B; 8th row!!! It was soooooo great. I've posted a review on greatbigsea.com Look under "Show Reviews" "Regina". I'm still hyper and I'm typing this over 2 weeks later!!!

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