Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Much for Spring

Big storm hit last night and still nasty winds today. Thank goodness it's my weekend; I've stayed inside with cups of tea and my knitting.

And my knitting has turned back to designing. I got inspired when I saw that someone knit my "Pyewacket" on Ravelry :) I've had this piece in progress since not long after I moved here. Time to breathe some life into it. And it's going well too. It's a bit quirky and I'm thinking of submitting it to Knitty. Actually it's going so well, I just composed the pattern blurb and designer profile a la Knitty lol Feeling optimistic in the face of not losing power last night I guess!

In kitty life, we're celebrating Charlie's 11month birthday today :) He's turned into such a distinguished looking cat! Maureen's doing well here in her new home, I'm happy to report. And Jake is a bundle of fluffy, energetic kitten cuteness. First pic is Maureen and Jake on my bed. Second is Charlie on yhe back of the couch :)

That sums up the day. I'm off to brew another cup of David's Tea 'Toasted Walnut' and get back to this piece of lace ;)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hello Spring?

Well, Spring may have arrived here in my little corner of Newfoundland. The snow is melting and streets are actually quite dry. Ice isn't out of Random Sound yet though so we might see another go. Gotta say I'm not gonna miss the snow this year.

In injury news, my wrist wasn't actually broken but the ligament in my wrist was torn as was the one that controls my thumb. Been 7+ weeks now and still have to wrap it with a tensor for work. But it is getting stronger.

Not much in knitting news because of the above. Done a bit more work on the Wingspan and started a lovely new piece just the other day. I had picked up Interweave Knits Spring issue while we were in Town the first weekend (celebrating my 2nd year anniversary in my adopted province of Newfoundland :) I can't hardly believe it's already 2 years!!!!) so I was flipping through it while the laundry was in and a number of the patterns were appealing to me. Long story short, I cast on the Serendipity Tee (Jesie Ostermiller) using DGB Confort from my stash. (this is the yarn I used to knit my St. Moritz sweater a few years back) Loving it :) The pattern is a simple but engaging top-down sweater with a lovely "smocking" look from well placed cables at the neck and top of the sleeves. It looks very classic, dare I say vintage inspired, and extremely wearable. And I already love the yarn so isn't that a bonus? ;)

As mentioned above, I've now been here for 2 years. Wow. Some days it feels like I was never anywhere else; like this is and always has been Home. That's an odd feeling for a girl who never quite felt like she belonged anywhere because she was uprooted too many times. But Home I seem to be and Home I'll stay.

It's Saturday night and there's a Habs v Leafs game on CBC. I've got chips, an Eatmore bar and a Snack-and-a-1/2 waiting in the freezer; other than my team, I'm Dad's girl lol So Go Habs Go!! (sorry, Daddy; hope your Wings can pull ahead) And hope everyone enjoys their weekend