Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Well, those games are a little better than half over and that means that the Ravellenic Games are too.  Sadly, I don't see any medals in my future these games *sigh* I've been having trouble with my left wrist since June. The heat and humidity combined with work are making it painful to even move my hand, let alone actually use it for doing something. As things stand right now, I have half of the "Wings of Victory" completed; the socks aren't even cast-on. I'm sorry to let down my teams (Bob and Newfoundland/Labrador) but I'm starting to get a little scared that this isn't going away. I have plans to see a doctor asap. So for now I'm going to put up some pics I took of some projects and maybe one of Roomie's cat might slip in ;) lol

 Here's the first triangle of the "Wings of Victory": Isn't the yarn striping cool? Love this; need to get a new pic uploaded though as I have 4 triangles done now
 This is the "Circle Top" designed by Mari Lynn Patrick. I almost have the front done; alas I can't wear "almost" so I wore a tanktop and skirt to the show and this stayed safely at home
This is Cuddles. He loves to drink out of the toilet. The toilet had other ideas one day lmao