Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm bad

I am. I completely have no desire to work on the Dianna. I got the idea into my head for my next design and that's what I want to do: start work on the new design. I'm a very bad friend. The Dianna is supposed to be a present for someone's birthday. sigh
If I hadn't seen and bought the new yarn last night this wouldn't have happened. I picked up 6 balls of Bernat Mosaic in "optimistic" (kind of a rainbow colorway) with no thought of a project in mind. Then today at the library an idea struck. That's all I'm gonna say for now. I got the crazy idea that I may try to submit this one to knitty or something. Silly me. The only one of my designs anyone actually knits is one of the hats and a friend of mine has knit four of the twelve listed on Ravelry lol Ah, a girl can dream. Off to finish the bands on the SLCP :) Pics soon, I promise. Then I swear I'm going to work on the Dianna.

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