Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Who Wants Pit-chers?

I finished Daphne more than a month ago. And you all still haven't seen the finished beauty. And I started/finished another Pimpelliese in that time too. And I have a ton of progress pics of my new blankie which shock of all shocks I'm crocheting. So today's post is gonna be all about pit-chers of the lovely yarny creations surrounding me. And as further proof of yarniness, I'm typing this while wearing my "piquant" tank from the Knitty store :) Let's dive into the goodies now!

Pit-cher #1: Daphne is finished and being modeled (somewhat scarily) by moi. Turned out quite nicely, I think. Such a different construction method working side-to-side. Not a difficult knit at all, although I do recommend having a couple row counters on the go for this one. Project details on Ravelry under "Opa!"

Pit-chers 2-5: Pimpelliese #6 aka Easy-peasy Scarfy-dealy. Since me and Roomie/Sis decided to go into Town and visit Big Sis #2 for their mutual birthday weekend, I needed a little something to knit on the two-hour drive each way and keep my hands from too much snacking while there. Hence another Peasy was cast-on. As always, such an awesome pattern. (Shared the pattern with Big Sis #2 as she not only knits but spins and thought it lovely and full of possibilities :) ) This is some hand-dyed I brought with me on my trek East that I had bought at Golden Willow in Regina. Project details on Ravelry under "St. John's Waltz (Easy-Peasy Scarfy-Dealy #6)"

Pit-chers 6-12: Giant Granny (from the Bernat Satin booklet "Around the Seasons Afghans"). Of course color changes have been made and a yarn substitution. Red Heart Shimmer and Bernat Satin Sparkle work really lovely together. Project details on Ravelry under "Not Gran's Blankie"

And there you have it; 12 new pics of the yarniness being created in my little corner of Newfoundland. Hope you enjoyed. The blankie is going quite quick so I may have something new OTN sooner rather than later. Just a slight tease to bring you back ;) If anyone's reading. Do leave me comment if you're there; makes it feel less like I'm talking to myself... or the kitten. Ooh, I'm going to leave you with a pic of furry-nephew Charlie.  He'll be 6 months old on the 27th. Isn't he a darling?


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

That's It!!

I'm completely fed up with myself. I've been in Newfoundland for 19 months and while I've got 43.6lbs gone now, my flexability has gone to pot. I decided to stretch and run the old class warm-up. I'm ashamed to say I can only kick as high as my shoulder 2/5 tries on my left and 3/5 on my right. Not acceptable. Not for the girl who not that long ago had the "title" Slip Jig Queen.

So rather than just realizing it and mourning the good ol' days, I've set my task reminder for my days off and one other day a week. A minimum of 3 days a week I'm thinking will have me back in dance-shape by the time we move to Town and I can join an actual class again.

I'm going to stop feeling like this motionless lump and get moving again. I'm doing this. I'm determined to do it.

Sorry for the rant but the more places I put this the more I'm going to stick to it. I took a pic during this morning's stretch. My feet are still strong, as are my legs. I can do this.

TTFN; knitting news next post, I swear ;)