Saturday, April 26, 2008

Links, Soccer, SOX...

So, I've added a few more pics and the link to my Aunt's husband's niece's blog, KnitQuest. It's pretty cool. This week has been dominated by... soccer! The World Class Player's Cup is taking place, so have been at the field cheering on Northern Ireland and Ireland in Mens play (they're in different pools so this is OK). Womens and youth teams have joined the fun this year as well. Not knitting at the games, as I get a little active in my cheering...
Monique's capelet is progressing quite well. I have 4 rows left in the repeat of the cable to do, and then I will measure it to see if it's long enough. I'm pretty sure it's close.
Have a new project that I won't talk too much about. Is anyone else aware of the "Think Outside the SOX" contest, promoted through Knitter's mag? Awesome contest! Socks; I love knitting socks! Designing a really cool pair. Ideas are absolutely bouncing around. I will admit that I'm working toe-up. That's my only hint to what I'm creating. I need to get over to GW and see if they have any of the one sponsered brand of yarn. Then I can enter more categories with one pair of socks. The contest rules and categories, etc can be found at:

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Here's Siobhan. She lives with Shannon. She was the first doll done. Now just need to get little Sarah and Elsa...

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cable for a Capelet

This is the cable for Monique's capelet. Am roughly 3/4 done the panel. Had to fix a miscrossing about 8 rows back so lost abit of time there.

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King Edward

Long Live King Edward the Furred! He'll be 18 years pretty soon.

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A New Sheep in my Flock

Here's my latest sheepy find: a soapstone bighorn sheep. Got him at the Humane Society Bazaar & Tea today. Mom and I usually go. Got Eddie a t-shirt too.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby's Sweater

Here it is, the finished sweater. Complete with buttons. Am mailing it in the morning

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jethro Again...

Here's Jethro again. I think this is the best pic of him so far.

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Here's Jethro!

Here's our Jethro being cute. He's good when he's sleeping.

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Ok, no clue how the posts of Mackenzie's capelet got seperated and in the wrong order. Oh well. My aunt sent 2 blog addresses she thought I'd find interesting. They're written (at least in part) by her husband's niece, and involve knitting! My aunt seems to think this is odd. Mom hasn't told her about my blog; Mom doesn't know the address as then she'd know what her presents are! Makes complete sense. As it is I have to disguise references to gifts for Shannon and Heather as they pop in now and then. (Hi, Heather; you pop in more than Shannon) Anyway, I'll add the addresses to the sidebar if I like what I see. Had to add Yarn Harlot as she's hilarious; bought her latest book yesterday. Laughed so hard I was crying at points! She's so great!
Progress on Monique's capelet is good. Am roughly 1/3 through the cabled panel which I've bordered with Seed st. Am using the "Celtic Braid" cable; sometimes seen in patt books as "Saxon Braid". Going good and over a month to go.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mackenzie's Capelet: fullish view

This is Mackenzie's capelet. It turned out really well. Color in this pic looks funny. Next one is better...

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Close up View of Mackenzie's Capelet

Color is way better. This pic shows the lace panel and edging in better detail. I think it worked well together.

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Bernie's Beret is Fini!

Bernie's beret is done! Finished it last night. This shows the top of it. The Phyllotaxis pattern shows up good I thought. What to do with half a ball of Lopi? Hmmmm...

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Baby Sweater Cuteness

Here's the little sweater. I need to sew on the ducky buttons and get it sent off soon.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finished Projects Alert!

Yeah, 2 finished pieces to report: Vitoria's baby's sweater and Mackenzie's capelet. Both turned out fabulous. Mackenzie's capelet was a bit of an experiment and I'm really pleased with the result. What I did was take a lace panel and edging patterns (the lace is from the front of a child's dress in an issue of Simply Knitting; the edge is from a baby sweater in a Debbie Bliss book) and knit 6 repeats of the 48 row pattern. (The edge had 8 rows, so worked pefectly.) Then I turned the panel on it's side and picked up sts along the long straight side. From there I worked up in St. st using raglan decs to shape the upper section. I used Bernat Satin in "sage" and it took about 1 1/2 balls. Lovely.
Have started Bernie's tam and is going quick. Am 4 rnds short of the top of the piece! And I only started on Thursday!
Have changed the plan for Monique after the success of Mackenzie's. I've switched to Bernat Satin in "sapphire" and will do the same, but use a cabled panel instead of lace. I think it's going to look cool.
Anyway, TTFN; must post the new pics of the projects and have 2 new ones of Jethro too.