Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling Defeated By My Knitting

Things were progressing on the Sweater. Then yesterday I discovered I'd made a mistake in the "Dutch Knitting" on the shoulder. Had to tink a couple rows. No biggy that. Decided I'd try the Butterfly st I'd used on B's socks to give the rest of the shoulder & possibly down the sleeve a different feel. (Really trying for a Kathryn Alexander look on this.)
This morning: I calculated the # of sts needed & started the set-up row... didn't come out. At all. WTH?! Counted sts on needle...uh-oh. I didn't inc back up to 83sts on the front after I knit the revK1b. I worked the "C.A." on 57sts. When I rejoined the front/back, I just knit right across, never thinking... (Well, I should've listened 2 weeks sgo when S said it looked like it was pulling up, but I figured it was because the needle was still very close to that section.) I wound up frogging the almost completed shoulder (7/9"), and the last 1 3/4" of the front!! (And when I checked my notes, I didn't even say that I'd dec'd for the revK1b!! So of course I didn't inc!)
All in all, I just feel very defeated. I get going along really well & it's looking great. Then I discover mistakes that will really affect the look of the Sweater ie the shape, the neckline, etc. I still love the yarn & I know when I quit making these little glitches, it's going to be a really cool piece. The kind people ask where I got it. I wonder if "real" designers go through this? Maybe they've learned to be more meticulous in their notes?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fur-gang Update

The fur-gang have gone techie on me! Somehow they've joined Twitter. No I didn't help them. In addition to their little foray into the world of "puters", we've had some major anniversaries lately. I mentioned Maureen's in a previous post but not Eddie's. As of August 6th, Eddie Rascal has been in my life/home for 19 years!!!!!!

I almost don't remember the time B.E. (Before Eddie)! That was major and I missed it; well not really. I did tweet it :)
That's the big excitement lately. Gearing up for Kitty's 17th late next month.
That's it on the furries!

Latest on "The Sweater"

8/10 - 3:27pm: have about 4 1/2" done on the shoulder (out of 9); feel the need to switch st patt again soon...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And more on the Sweater...

8/03-10:51p The front/back are rejoined & am 1 1/2"into shoulder. Looks GOOD! Will switch to "D.K." soon...
That's the latest notes from my knitting notes.
(As it's now after midnight, I'm sending Happy 11th Maureen-iversary wishes to my Maureen. Special treats when I get home from dance.)

The Sweater is growing...

8/02-6pm: have knit about 6/8" of back using the cellular automaton technique (several lovely mutations involved!) & am intending to finish back w/ this. I now notice that the Tweed st that ended the front seems to pull in & will have to tink this & do something else... Eureka!: use the c.a. & this can then join f/b & cont the first bit of the shoulder. am thinking the "Dutch Knitting"after that...
11:07p Finished back & tinking front. Starting c.a. ..