Friday, December 2, 2011

I *Was* Doing Well...

Until my computer caught a virus and has been off for the passed bit. But I have lots of knitting finished :)
First off, both the Sparkle Sparkle Wings and the Shimmering Leaves were well received by H and S respectively :) I also started and finished another "Pimpeliesse" (entitled "Ocean's 11 Peasy-easy Scarfy-dealy"  on Rav) for this year's GBS WinterAngels Gift Swap :) It turned out fabulous :) I used Zitron Trekking HandArt Flame in "sanisbar"; blues and greens, very oceany.
On a sad note, I've lost my Peasy-easy Scarfy-dealy :( Wore it to work Monday and it's disappeared no-one has seen it and I've checked the lost & founds of the mall, bus and library :( 
On to happier events: I finished "Twisted Leaves" ( by Jodie Gordon Lucas) :) I now have a properly fitting pair of my own handknit socks to enjoy this winter :)
Progress is slow but steady on both "Galaxy 660" (pattern: In The Pink) and "Kinelea Lace" (pattern: Ardrum) and I'm happy to say I'm taking a break from lace by knitting a sweater for myself. Currently titled "Teal Sweater" on my projects page, it's the "Dahlia" from (designer: Mary Weaver) not sure which issue but it was 2007. It's a lovely top-down raglan with cabling in the 'skirt'. Am using Bernat Natural Blends Wool Blend in "New Teal" which is a lovely rich tone :)
I have 3 minutes left in my library time so I will tag this the next time I get a chance.