Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Got a Little Distracted...

So here I am, a month or so later. The birthday pressies are all well under way. Sparkle, Sparkle is a touch over half done & Shimmering is a little less than halfways. Of course, knitting presents for people you see on a regular basis leads to a problem: on the days I will see them, do I forgo knitting or have another project? I opt for the latter. My lovely decoy projects are almost always for me & sometimes take on a life of their own.
Which is the situation I find myself in now. I decided Kay Meador's "Sweet Little Nothing" (free pattern on Rav; it's really cute!) would be a perfect thing to wear when mornings are cooler & I wait for the bus. And I have some Bernat Satin in "foliage" (a bright green) that will knit up nice & be washable should some fruit get spilt on it at work. Of course, being a sweet & simple pattern, I immediately had to modify it: I added Cat's Paw motifs to it, willy-nilly. You can see the results on my project page; it's listed as "Sweet Little Cat's Paw". Here's a pic:
It needs a bit more length which I'll be using the small lace from Cherl Oberle's "Irish Diamond Shawl" to achieve. It's one of my favorite lace patterns, ever.
So my little jacket is nearly done & I've still got quite a bit of work to do on the girls' presents. And I haven't done anything overly crazy lately, so....
Go do a Rav search for "In The Pink" by Izzy ?; It's a lace shawl. It's a wow pattern. I have 2 lovely balls of Marks & Katten Fame Trend that are dying to be knit up. I started it once & then frogged it as the needle size wasn't right for the yarn. I did take a pic of that first try though. I need to get some bamboo dpns in 3.75 or 3.5; my nickel plated ones are too slippery to get it started again.
I've dubbed this one "Galaxy 660" as the colorway is 660 & the finished piece resembles a galaxy or nebula or some-such. A quick peek at the project gallery for the pattern will give you all sorts of astronomical names :)
That's all the news that's fit to print! TTFN

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fur-Gang Update!!!!

And now for the latest on the fine & funny felines that run my life:
1)July 30th saw the celebration of 6 years of Buddy living with us :)
2)As if that weren't exciting enough, August 4th we celebrated 13 years of my own messy girl, Maureen
3)But the cake was really & truly iced on August 6th. I still can't believe this. Eddie, aka King Edward the Furred, aka Shreddy-Eddie, & the rest of the family celebrated 21 years!!!!! Crazy, right? 21 years of Eddo :)
 The King in his chair :)
That's all the fur-gang news that's fit to print.