Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Reaction...

David got his hat and absolutely loves it! Such a great feeling when people like their giftys. Nat still hasn't received hers. And Monique says she's had lots of compliments on her capelet at work. (She wears it there because of over-active air conditioning) Yeah!
Am just over half done the first section of Heather's gifty. As long as the yarn behaves, it'll be done on time. That reminds me: gotta get a card for Em as well...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Been a bit...

Oops! Ah well. Have made some progress. Finished the prototype of my contest sox, and am nearly finished the first of the pair.
After Mom and I struggled to get the 2nd ball wound, Shannon's birthday present is finished. I used Red Heart Soft Touch, which I've used for several projects. The 1st ball was fine. It took the 2 of us nearly 3weeks to get the damn thing untangled!!! Horrible! Then yesterday I went to Wal-Mart to pick up buttons and they've pretty well taken out the entire crafts section at the Southland Mall location. The button selection is almost non-existent; all the fabric is gone. It's really bizzare. Stopped at Golden Willow today though, so got buttons for both Shannon and Heather's giftys.
Speaking of giftys: Have to wait to get Nat's and David's responses to their hats, as they were both absent from class the week of the their birthdays and this week. I left David's parcel at the studio since I know he had to come in on Thursday to teach. Hopefully, Nat will be there this week.
In really exciting news we're only 42 days, 5hours, 21minutes away from the doors opening for Great Big Sea at the Centre of the Arts!!!!!!!
Tonight's excitement: we (S, H & me) are going to Globe Theatre's production of "Midsummer's Night Dream"; it got really fabulous reviews in the paper. It's a favorite of all of us. And I'm wearing my vest so colorful and other-worldly I shall be.