Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to Knit 9 rows of a Lace Scarf

Check where you left off in patt, knit 3 rows. Wonder why things look “not right”. Discover marker is now on the BACK of your garter st lace and you had originally placed it on the FRONT. Sigh loudly and mutter curses under your breath as you tink 4 rows. Reknit those 4 rows, examining each and every st you make. Knit 6 more rows, being equally watchful. Decide you’re not up to tempting fate anymore for one day. Result: piece is 9 rows longer than when you took it out of the project bag.

This is my latest update on my Kinelea Lace (Ardrum Scarf by Aisling M. Doonan). It was not going so well the other day.

In other news, my phone is broken and not looking like it'll be fixed anytime soon. This being off/ out of work thing really sucks. All attempts at funding for retraining have bottomed out, so I'm trying to find work that I'm qualified for and doesn't involve standing for long periods or bending/lifting... in other words, the incredible non-existent job *sigh* I digress.

Although I don't have photos I will make an attempt to post about all the various projects I've been working at; lots of FOs! Not today but soon I promise.

That's all for today. Best Stitches and happy Thursday!