Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye-bye 2013

Here it is. The final day of 2013. And here I am, lying on my bed with an attack of tendonitis in my left shoulder listening to "Mrs Crandell's Boarding House" by the Irish Rovers. My musical taste never really changed passed age 12 lol

What will happen in 2014? I can tell you what I hope to accomplish anyway.

Knitting Resolutions:
Gotta confess: these last couple years have been sadly lacking in the FOs. 2013 has netted me 3. Seriously. That's just sad. So, to start 2014 I'm determined to finish up my "Daydreams in Lace" (Brooke Nico; Rav project Majestic Dreams) and my "Ardrum Scarf/Wrap" (Aisling Doonan; Rav project Kinelea Lace). After that I have the yarn ready and waiting for Annie Modesitt's "Corset Top". That might be my Ravellenic Games project; more on that later. I want to complete at least 5 projects in 2014.

Dance Resolutions:
Although still residing in the middle of no-where in regards to dance, I'm determined to get off the couch and do something. Maureen, my darling 15.5 year old cat, gave me both Jean Butler's Masterclass and Colin Dunne's Celtic Feet for Yule/Christmas. I might not have a teacher pointing out my bad back foot turnout and my failure to kick my butt on my treble-hopbacks but at least I can move in a more proper Irish dance manner again. My resolution is to spend one morning a week in the company of one or both of the dvds.

Weight Loss Resolutions:
On April 1st, 2013, I started using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. My goal was to lose 60lbs by April 1, 2014. As of December 27, I've lost 43.6lbs; less than 20lbs to go :) I'm quite proud of myself despite some setbacks recently. But I'm determined to make my goal in three more months. (And I think my Dance resolution will help with this too ;) )

General Resolutions:
I've covered the important things but knitting and dance and my weight goals aren't, unfortunately, my entire focus in life. What else do I want to do in 2014?
For starters, I need to find a new job. Much as I like my co-workers, the job itself is starting to feel soul-sucking.
That being said, the Roomie Sis and I have been discussing the merits of moving to Pretty City. A different job is pretty well guaranteed if we can make the necessary preparations.
What else? I'm not happy where I'm at in terms of being single far-longer than I care to admit. So I'm resolving to be more open to letting someone in again; not every guy on the planet is an asshole. I need to remind myself of that more often.
Thanks to the lovely website, Dress911, I've discovered the joys of vintage style dresses. Counting the lovely lavender one I bought the other night (due to arrive Jan 8th:) ), I now have 4 little  numbers for when I need a little pick-me-up. I'm resolving to wear them whenever I feel like it, not save them for an occasion. Any day can be an occasion in a nice dress! Now I need to learn how to do something with my hair... ;)
I resolve to buy more shoes. This girl does not have enough pairs of heels ;)
I resolve to listen to music every day. I used to; I'm not quite sure what happened. I have a piece on my wall that says: "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"; how true is that? My soul is dusty; turn up the tunes and blow it away!
Maureen would like me to add her resolutions to the post:
nap more
thump Charlie hard enough to make him stop biting me
con Mommy out of more goodies
look cute and innocent
act surprised on my 16th birthday
enjoy more sun beams
signed, Maureen Mavourneen T_____

My wish is for everyone to find Peace, Love and Luck in 2014 :)
Happy New Year from Newfoundland, everyone!!