Monday, July 27, 2009


Kinda forgot a couple birthday, so here goes:
Aunt Cathy turned 54 on July 20th
Unca Jimmy turned 52 on July 24th
That be all!

Front of Sweater!!!

This shows the entrelac section (right shoulder) and a good bit of the front of my sweater. The colors in this yarn are so pretty!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweater Update!

Have the front of the sweater done through the neck opening! H & S were impressed when I showed it to them on Tuesday. Now am debating patts for the back. Thinking of starting with Tweed st. It would blend the colors nice. Just not quite sure. May have to just start knitting & see how it goes. what's another trip to the frogpond? Am so happy with how it's looking. Will post pic(s) soon. I still need to take them. That's all my news that's fit to blog.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweater Progress Report

Chose the "Dutch Knitting" pattern for next bit of sweater. Have done 12 rows & it looks really good. The colors are coming together so it looks like the entire piece was planned out! Very cool! Will continue with this for at least half the neck area. Not sure if I want to have back exactly the same or if I'll play with it as well. In other news: Maureen is mad because I sat here & let my Mom comb her. Oh the horror of it all! :) Heehee :D

Frogpond Express

Have once again frogged the sweater back to the end of the E sec. The K1b was forming nice stripes but working side to side when turned the "right" way: horizontal stripes in green & purple across the "ladies". Not what I need. Am on couch, under fan, with st treasurys trying to figure where to go next. Like the "Diagonal bar" & "Dutch Knitting" out of Barbara Walker's 3rd book. Will have to see.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Passing this along: Attention Designers!

Just saw this on Twitter: modeknit Have a knit or crochet blog? Help me & spread the word that 1,000 Fab Knit Hats deadline's been extended to 7/15 TTFN

Friday, July 3, 2009

About my Grandma

Speaking of grandmas, I mentioned mine doesn't knit. She never learnt to. She did learn to crochet as a young girl. As one of the middle children in a farm family of 12, crocheting was one of her chores. It amazes her that anyone would do it as a hobby. She's never touched a hook since leaving the farm & she doesn't miss it. Enter her only grand-daughter, a first-rate knitting addict. That I baffle her is an understatement. Grandmas should be treasured, knitter or not. TTFN


What really amazes me is the number of women who find this ok. These same individuals have probably taken a co-worker to task for saying "Hey guys" to a group of women. I'd rather be doing my "grandma's" knitting anyway. She'd have been using proper wool & not some stupid plastic funfur that you can't cable to save your life! Thanks but no thanks! Bring on the grandmas, They have much to teach us if we pay attention. TTFN

Thursday, July 2, 2009

About my earlier Tweet...

Earlier today I tweeted my dislike of the lead-in "Not your grand-mother's knitting". As my grandma doesn't knit, I find it annoying. I find it offensive to the grandmas who do knit. Are they saying in order to be "cool" we should all knit, except the grandmas because that proves some sort of stereotype?

Happy Canada Day!

Just got home from Wascana Park about an hour ago. The fireworks were awesome! Had a great time picnicing before that too. The fireworks capped off a perfect day. Family has now been in Regina 13 years. No big deal there. Would really like to leave but have to stay where jobs are. Being a grownup sucks. TTFN!

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