Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meet the New Guy

Here he is. Mom named him Jethro; I call him Fatso or Beast depending on his behavior.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Adding Another Project...

Well, I finished the February projects and am rushing on to April! Vitoria's baby's sweater is still as last reported as I took Cathleen to the ICoR Stitch and Chat in order to get her hair in place. And now there's a birthday added to the list as Mackenzie has joined the insane class at dance. April 29 is a new dealine. I'm thinking a hat. I have some lovely green Lopi I had for me, but as we're similar coloring I think it would be nice on her. Perhaps a hat. I think she'd look good in a hat. Perhaps I'll make her a Sunflower Tam, and do the second one for Bernie as planned. I could do tams for everyone!... Well, not David. I don't see him as a tam kinda guy. Anyway, that's where I'm at currently. Oh, and Monique's capelet. I should start getting that cast on...
I started another "in-my-sleep" project. I keep knitting in my bed (yes, in. Don't judge me; I'm single and insane)that I can work on without flipping lights on. I've got the first 2 sections done on the "Rambling Rows Afghan", pattern by Cottage Creations. Works up well. Am doing it crazy quilt style, so no worries about having enough yarn, and it should take me a bit, which is good. When I did the vest (Ginger Luters, Knitter's mag, winter 2006, title escaping me...), it went bloody quick! I actually don't remember knitting it except for a few of the neck sections and when I started it.
This concludes my report. I do welcome comments so don't be shy about them!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meet Cathleen!

Here she is. Just got her headband in place. I think Miss Cathleen looks pretty good.

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