Friday, October 7, 2011

Interesting Sources

I confess: I've actually been checking where people are finding my blog from. There are the usual suspects: Ravelry, Facebook and Twitter. Then there are two others that one sort of makes sense to me and the other out and out baffles me.
The one that makes sense the more I think about it, is Gothise. It's a social site for alternative minded people. A lot of people knit as a means of expression and for one of a kind items that are not mass-produced. This fits. I'm assuming a specific knitter has been checking my blog. Very cool and welcome.
The other site though is an Asian clothing site for ready-made clothing. Sewn clothing. It doesn't have any connection to knitting, cats or anything else I prattle on about here. Very strange. And my blog doesn't appear in their list of blogs trying for inclusion on the site either. Which is good because that site is so anti-me it's almost ridiculous.  I have no idea how my blog is being linked from that site, but someone is reading from there, so welcome to you too.
I find it interesting to see how my little blog is being found. It kind of gives me an idea of what people like. Seeing as how comments here are few and far between... hint  lol
Speaking of knitting,  I have another tier done on the Dianna :) I may actually get it done on time :)
And to be mean and tease you all that are reading, I have started a new design. I will only say it is similar to one of my other pieces. I don't want to spoil the surprise.
Early work day tomorrow; no rest for the wicked they say. I will add "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes to my Canadian readers and "Happy Columbus Day" wishes to my American readers. Also Happy Birthday to my Grandfather; he'll be 88 on Monday.

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