Friday, February 13, 2009

Sound like anyone I know?...

Those born on Feb 13th are energetic & spontaneous individBlockquoteuals who seek out excitement. They tend to be spirited & uninhibited, sharing every thought and emotion with those around them. They can be very frank and blunt with their personal observations.
Well someone thinks a lot about me! This is what it says on the keychain Mom gave me for my day. Wow, 4 again. I like 4; it's a decent age. I can act goofy and silly and get away with giggling uncontrolably... Yep, 4's a good age to be.
In more knitterly content: my capelet was a success at the ceili. Even pinned my hair up to show off all the details. Am currently back working at Sarah's baby's sweater. Going real well; am onto the body already.
Stumped on what to knit for Bernie this year. Have been going through the books and mags but nothing's jumping out. May have to resort to socks for everyone again...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Detail: Sheep Closure (big surprise)

Ta-da! Here's the top shot. Literally. My neck must be wider than others' as wouldn't look right to put loop on 2nd set as planned. Now am ready for the ceili! And my birthday!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Detail: Loopy Cable

This cable from Alice Starmore's St Ciaran shawl made a neat bridge between the gore sections. I mirrored it on each side of the center gore.

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Detail: Center back

This knot is from Elsebeth Lavold's 2nd book of viking patterns. She called the sweater Trud. I thought it was different looking.

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Happy Waitangi Day!!

Happy New Zealand Day! They have the highest sheep to person ratio in the world. That's a lot of sheep. Way to go, New Zealand!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nearly done My Capelet!!

Here's my capelet as it is right now. Still 8 days to my bday. Since am so close I want it for Sat @ MWCF. Gotta show off now and then don't I?

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