Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year and new things happening!!

Happy 2015, everyone :) Hope the new year is treating everyone well.

So today's my first day off of the new year and I figured it's high time I got my patterns more exposure. I've been thinking on this for quite a while to be honest. And in December I started having some major doubts, thanks in no small part to the VATMOSS deal happening in the EU. It's not a great time to be thinking about jumping into designing patterns for sale, especially since the... he individuals who put this mess in place didn't have the foggiest clue they were potentially harming microbusinesses around the globe. I digress. We'll leave it at: the whole confused and quite frankly scares me a bit.

But I have 3 lovely patterns available already. All of them free, so not in any danger from VATMOSS or Darth Vader or whatever other baddie might be lurking. And they're on the blog here, linked to pattern pages on Ravelry and that's all good. But, and isn't that a word of great meaning for only being 3 letters long?, what of the wonderful piece I came up with this past summer that has yet to see the light of day? And the other little nuggets in my head?

I put a simple query out to the twitterverse this morning: what app(s) do you recommend for turning patterns into PDFs? I was answered fairly quickly but the lovely @plutoniummuffin :) And after a bit of fiddling and tweaking, I had Anchors and Ropes into a PDF and into my "store" on Ravelry. Both MVP and Pyewacket followed suit. My whole collection is available to the Ravelry masses.

I admit, I used a copy, cut and paste method with these three. The text is a bit wonky from page to page, I admit. But everything is there that should be and I included pictures.

Today I launched Knit-Dance-Repeat designs :) And I hope once things have become clearer with regards to VATMESS, I'll be adding to the collection!

2015 is going to be a year of changes. They're already starting :)