Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Hate Ice

I have good reason too. And it's nothing to do with being cold.

I slipped and fell at the end of the driveway yesterday. Road rashed my left hand a bit and bruised my butt. Got up, dusted myself off and continued on my walk up to work.

After being at work about an hour, I noticed that not my left hand was not only a bit sore but there was major swelling going on at the base of my thumb and I was becoming unable to move it without a lot of pain.

I figured I'd last to the end of my shift and then go to the hospital. I only made it 4.25 hours before the pain got to be too much :(

After xrays, I have a hairline fracture near the top of the big bone in my wrist. Because of the amount swelling, I was fitted with a backplate and have to go back up for a full cast next Monday. I'm off work until then, at least :(

So now, I'm in pain and I can't knit, can't bake and can't dance. I'm supposed to "rest". Rest? I'm bored out of my friggin skull!!!! I want to scream! I can't even wash my own hair!

So yeah; I HATE ICE!!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Down :)

Yay me!!!! *Kermit arm flail*

Just over an hour ago, I completed my first project of 2014. It's another Pimpelliese, this time in solid red Diamond Luxury Collection Superwash Merino DK :)

Only one problem: what can I cast on and finish in a month? It's one month to the cast on for the Ravellenic Games. Must go ponder queue and stash...