Patterns I've knit (or attempted) & mentioned on this blog

In brackets following the pattern name, I've given the name(s) of the project on my Ravelry page. This is an alphabetical listing by designer. I'm also including where the pattern can be found; links are up for all web-based patterns, not including the Ravelry downloads

Jane Araújo: Dianna (Shimmering Leaves) Ravelry download

Bernat Design Studio: Summer-Giant Granny (Not Gran's Blankie) leaflet

Gwen Bortner: Diminishing Gore Skirt (Gored Plum) Interweave Knits Spring 2011

Aisling Doonan: Aylesbury shawl (Aisling) Ravelry download

Aisling Doonan: Ardrum shawl (Kinelea Lace) Ravelry download

Mone Drager: Hidden Gusset (Mitties, Sistwerp Mitties)

Stacey Simpson Duke: Crackerjack (2015-16 CrackerHabs) Ravelry download

Christine Ebers: Pimpelliesse (Ruby Red, St. John's Waltz, Sea of No Cares, Oceans 11)

Bonnie Evans: Petal Shawlette (Springtime Shawl) "Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders"

Crystal Flanagan: Aquaphobia Socks (I'm Not Afraid of Water) Ravelry download

Kate Gilbert: Clapotis (Stripey Klah-poe-tis, No More Rhymes...)

Rosemary (Romi) Hill: Carson (Nevada Sunset, Aoife Saoirse) Ravelry download

Rosemary (Romi) Hill: Diane (My Preciousss) Ravelry download

Rosemary (Romi) Hill: Purless (Emerald Isle, Shoe Girls) Ravelry download

Rosemary (Romi) Hill: Alcyone (My Preciousss, Back to the Future) Ravelry download

Rosemary (Romi) Hill: Verdigris ()

Rosemary (Romi) Hill: Zephyr Cove (Goddess Leaf, Serpent Lace) Ravelry download

Rosemary (Romi) Hill: Simee Dimeh () Ravelry download

Rosemary (Romi Hill): Vertices (Rainbows and Storm Clouds) Ravelry download

IzzyKnits: In The Pink (Galaxy 660) Ravelry download

Emily Jane: Soft Mit-Gloves (Petey's shooting mitts)

Stefanie Japel: Bombshell (H-bomb) "Big Girl Knits"

Renee Leverington: Eire socks (Eriu) Ravelry download

Jodie Gordon Lucas: Twisted (Twisted Leaves, Twisted Grapes)

Shelley Mackie Pinwheel Sweater (I got the Pinwheel Blues)

McCall's Needlework and Crafts: baby set (sweater & bonnet for Caleb) Nov 1997

Kay Meadors: Sweet Little Nothing (Sweet Little Cat Paws, Sweet Little Cat Paws v2.0) Ravelry download

Annie Modesitt: Corset Top (Winter's night)

Andrea Mowry: Find Your Fade (Down the Rabbithole) Ravelry download

Brooke Nico: Daydreams in Lace (Majestic Dreams) Knitter's magazine issue 100

Cheryl Oberle: Wool Peddler's Shawl (Sheep-in-the-Meadow shawl) "Folk Shawls"

Kristen Orme: East Neuk Hoodie (Gansey Style Bunnyhug) Knit Scene Fall 2014

Jesie Ostermiller: Serendipity Tee (Blue Heaven) Interweave Knits Spring 2014

Jordana Paige: Amused (Keeping Me Amused, January Amusement)

Tania Richter: Yarn Quest- Heroes of Yarnia MKAL (Heroes of Yarnia: Saoirse RinceFada) Ravelry download

Sandy Rosner: Square Feet (Podiums) Knitter's magazine issue 106 Spring 2012

Cassie Rovitti: Abotanicity (Swirling rib sweater)

Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark: Inamorata (In Love with the Ravellenic Games)

Maylin Tri'Coterie Designs: Wingspan (Wings of Victory) Ravelry download

Síle Thiels: Isadora Duncan (Isadora Duncan, Sherman) Ravelry download

Síle Thiels: Garden Blooms (Italian Garden, Italian Garden II, Oceanside Garden) Ravelry download

Síle Thiels: Watch the Clock (Watch the Clock) Ravelry download

Síle Thiels: Light Reel Cowl (All the Jigs and Reels- Light Reel Cowl) coming soon!

Sile Thiels: Light Jig Tam (All the Jigs and Reels- Light Jig Tam) coming soon!

Sile Thiels: Single Jig Mittens (All the Jigs and Reels- Single Jig Mittens) coming soon!

Sile Thiels: Slip Jig Cloak (All the Jigs and Reels- Slip Jig Cloak) coming soon!

Sile Thiels: Treble Reel Toque (All the Jigs and Reels- Treble Reel Toque) coming soon!

Sile Thiels: Treble Jig Legwarmers (All the Jigs and Reels- Treble Jig Legwarmers) coming soon!

Sile Thiels: Hornpipe Scarf (All the Jigs and Reels- Hornpipe Scarf) coming soon!

Síle Thiels: ?[tentative: Feisanna Finery; Irish dance dress for 18" doll] (Top of the Podium for a Globe) possibly coming soon

Mary Weaver: Dahlia (Violets are Blue Dahlias are Teal)

Christina Werge: Daphne Tank (Opa!)

Patti Winters: Dragon Wing (Glimmering Dragon Wing, Sparkle Sparkle Wings)

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