Sunday, April 26, 2009

MS Walk update #2

We're stopped @ Davin School. I'm having a chocolate bar while Shorty watches the dog across the street.

MS Walk update

Maureen & I are on our way to do the MS Walk. We're just past Pasqua Hospital headed towards the ex grounds...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Twice in a day after so long!

My current WIP (now that I got the pic of the previous one straightened out...) is another bag, this one for Monique & I'm playing with the same pattern but have changed up the yarns a bit. We'll see what happens!
In Other News: there's lots of exciting soccer action at the Event Plex. Until May 3rd, the WCP Cup is there bringing mens, womens, youth-boys and, for the 1st year, youth-girls soccer action. The fans are a sight as well!
Gotta get cracking at the Mosaic planning as am totally going against some of the "suggestions" I'm supposed to be following. I like how I don't know what I'm doing after 5 years of doing the job, and there's been no complaints about it. Until now. Some people want everything changed. Not try a couple new ideas; that I have no problem with. No let's scrap everything and start again, with ideas we've rejected in the past because they weren't feasible!!!!!!!! But i don't know what I'm doing. I'm completing what I started thisa year and the lot of them can go hang next year! And good luck finding someone else willing to put the time into it all. Will be nice to do a couple shifts and go home as soon as I'm done dancing of an evening... They have no idea how much I really do take care of; but they will!
Enough ranting. It's my day off. Will now head for home and wrap presents for Hannah's birthday (#5 tomorrow!) and Sarah's little girl: Nola Charlotte. Happy thoughts for happy little people...

Bernie's Bag!!!

This is the bag for Bernie's birthday. I used 3 shades of Bernat Satin, and the pattern is the "Bottom's Up" bag from Elise Duvekot's book "Knit One Below" (which is fabulous BTW!!) Especially love how the varigated (Florals) swirled through the piece; it looks so cool!

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Been a bit of awhile... have gotten hung up on Twitter and then I got stuck working 3 weekends in a row and couldn't get here to update anything. And apparently the pic of B's bag didn't get here so will have to resend it... WCP Cup going on now; awesome soccer in Regina Check it out!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Sheep

Got her this morning at Shopper's.

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