Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Houston, We Have A Problem (Again)


Not long after my last post, my computer upped and died.

Yeah, I know. It's always something, isn't it? And I remain computerless for the next while so unfortunately there won't be too many posts popping up over the next while either.


On to recent events:

Torbay250 was absolutley amazing :) We witnessed the return of Darrell Power to the stage with his GBS buddies :) Jimmy Rankin took time to joke with some fans :) The Trews blew us away :) And Great Big Sea completely ruled the night :) What an awesome weekend :) Well worth working 8 days in a row before and 7 days in a row after to make my schedule fit.

September 16th saw me & Roomie back in St. John's to see Sean McCann & Jeremy Fisher at the Ship. That was fun :) And if McCann ever claims he can't banter, he's lying through those gorgeous dimples. I got to have a picture with him after the show too :) It's framed and on my wall. He also signed my "Son of a Sailor" cd :) He thought it was cool that we both have accents in our names and stated "There aren't many of us; we need our own typewriters." I agreed whole-heartedly.

Unfortunately somewhere along the way this summer/fall, I've misplaced my knitting mojo :( I can't get interested in actually knitting anything. The pain in my wrist has gone away as mysteriously as it started, so it's not that. I look at my beautiful WIPs (the Wingspan, the Daydreams in Lace, etc) and I do want to finish them but I just can't pick them up. I even started a quick and easy project (Knotted Leaf Bag from Veronik Avery's book "Knitting 24/7") and am bogged at the handles; it's sitting with the others. This hasn't stopped me from queuing things on Rav of course and when I was at Mercer's a few weeks ago I bought a Paton's booklet (as well as the yarn for the ill-fated bag) *sigh*

Somewhere along the way I've lost my get up and go. This sounds weird considering I walk 6kms to work and am on my feet for 8 hours and then turn around and walk home. But the fact remains, I'm not knitting and still not dancing and I'm just not myself somehow. I'm actually a little scared I might never be. The quick and easy project that was supposed to help getting my knitting mojo back, tanked. I have no idea how to replace dancing. It seems I'm stuck in this weird limbo. *sigh* I have recently been trying to get my weight back under control. It went well for about three or four days; today so far, so good. I guess that's something.

Well that's it for now dear readers, if I still have any.