Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Read All About It!

So, I noticed that there's a new tool on blogger: a translation bar. I've added it just above my twitter updates and tags list. Now my blathering can be read in many languages!

On to more interesting news: Alan Doyle (GBS frontman and all-round nice guy) saw the release of his solo album, "Boy on Bridge" yesterday. May I just add my own congrats on top of all the others? It's really good and available on iTunes. He tweeted last night that it reached the iTunes Canada third spot :) Awesome job. Have to say there are certain songs that have really caught my ear, so I recommend checking out: "I've Seen a Little" (it's a rocker), "My Day" (a reggae feel), "Perfect Excuse" (another rocker), "Where the Nightingales Sing" (beautiful waltz), "Belong" (accapella OMG!)... Okay, just check out the whole album and decide for yourself what you like. I firmly believe that you'll like at least one song on this album, unless the only thing you listen to is rap. Then you're out of luck.

On the knitting front: Roomie's Sis liked the sweater and booties knit by moi :) So glad she did; I really wasn't sure how they'd be recieved even though Roomie assured my her Sis would like them. But I'm a worrier. Anyway, no cause to worry; gift received and liked :)
Back to my own knitting: the Aquaphobia socks and the Daydreams in Lace jacket. And getting my Ravelympics projects queued, tagged and put in order. I've decided to lead off with the "Wingspan" (project to be named Wings of Victory) for TeamBob (Group: For the Love of Bob). I have some lovely KnitPicks Shadow that I think will look fabulous. Or maybe I'll get to a yarnstore when me and Roomie head into Town in June. Probably not though as time is a little pressed. I digress. The second project I have lined up is "Square Feet" (haven't come up with a name yet) for TeamNL2012 (Group: Newfoundland and Labrador Crafters). It's a cute pair of socks.

Now how's this for tying together two things I love: the Ravelympics start on July 27 at 4pm NDT and end on August 12. Me and Roomie will be heading to Torbay, NL on August 4th to see Jimmy Rankin, The Trews and Great Big Sea in concert for the Torbay250 celebrations. Who is going to be KIPing as close to the front of the audience as she can get? I'll let you figure that out...

That's all the news,



Susie said...

Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to! Glad you are enjoying yourself

Melissa Leavitt said...

Great Big Sea!?! Oh you lucky girl!

Sile said...

Thanks, Susie :)
Ultra lucky, Melissa :) One of the perks of moving to Newfoundland :)