Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello from the East Coast!!!

I survived the move and am semi-settled here in Clarenville. Today is the second time I've been to the library; last round I updated a few things here and there.
In knitting news, I'm still working on my Peasy-easy. I started a hat that is boring me to tears; reverse stockinette in the rnd for 4" is evil :P But I started a lovely lace jacket ("Daydreams in Lace" by Brooke Nico, in Knitter's issue 100) using Knit Picks Palette in "majestic" a lovely purple shade. that is going quite well :)
In more exciting news, we learned last week that GBS (awesomest band in the universe) will be playing one show this summer in Torbay :) Me and my roomie are bound and determined to attend; we're making plans as we speak :)
That's all my news for now; hope everyone out there is well :)

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