Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lack of Dance = Shot Nerves

I haven't forgotten you, don't worry, my dears. It's been a little hectic hereabouts what with work and the ins and outs of life with a roomie. Sleeping in the living room is a bit of an adventure when you have to get up at 5am for your shift at work too lol
I'm going through severe dance withdrawl. And that is not a pretty sight. A word of advice to those who read these words: never, ever deprive a dancer of dancing if you want a dancer to remain in a happy mood. Walking is just not cutting it anymore. Must look into finding something soon; my nerves are shot from the lack of movement :P
Knitting report: Going to start a pair of socks soon as my fingers need some dpn dancing lol Also need to work up a baby set for roomie's sister's nephew due in August. Roomie's family has been very welcoming and are a lovely bunch so I want to do a little something for their newest member's arrival.
Had a fur-gang report from Mom: Ziva is still evil but not emptying the basement water dish quite as often as before her surgery (April 3rd). Eddie has been having some tummy trouble; at nearly 22 years old that's to be a bit expected I think. Rest of the gang are well.
That's all the news that's fit to print!


Sparkle and Co said...

You're a dancer??? Awesome! I tried to knit sock for my toddler... I've made the first one then he (accidently) put it in the washing machine... I've never knitted the second one. The first one is now felted and became a bootie for his teddy lol
I'm folling your blog via GFC. Come to see mine, there''s a giveway

Sile said...

An inactive dancer at the moment :( I love knitting socks but I kow other peope who would rather have a root canal without freezing lol To each their own :) Lots of things for us all to knit