Monday, June 16, 2008

Latest news

So, yeah, when someone is pregnant did you realize that eventually an announcement goes out that the baby is here? Somehow it just never occured to me that Britt, though big as a house, would actually have baby. So am madly trying to complete sweater for little Drew. As a result, the sweater for Aisling's baby is stalled at the second sleeve. And I'm very unhappy with the results from my first attempt to put the "top" on my contest sock. So that's where I'm at in the knitting.
In other news, our school dance recital was Saturday afternoon, and went really awesome. Everyone looked really good and I think we all had fun. The year-end picnic was yesterday afternoon and the weather was completely gorgeous. Great day down in Wascana Park.
Wanted to post some pics, but something with my phone isn't connecting properly; can't even digitally check my account, I have to call customer service to get balance and such. So, pics when I'm able.

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