Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I got little Drew's sweater done, and the sweater for Aisling's baby is nearly there. Started a new project: Harlequin Jacket (by Jane Slicer-Smith from Knitter's winter '06). It's a modular piece. Have changed the colors (of course), and am really having fun with it so far. I'm on piece 4. There are, I believe, 70 some sections. And yes I know I've gotta get started on David's hat and whatever I'm doing for Nat. Have changed my mind on Shannon and Heather's gifts... So that's the latest.
Kitties are all fine.
Still no pics going through. Need to call my provider and find out what's up.
An advance Happy Canada Day!
An advance Happy Fourth of July!
Long may the fireworks pop!

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