Saturday, May 31, 2008

This and That + Down With Cotton...

So, I'm pretty well caught up on everything right now. I'm just past the heel on my contest sock prototype. And the alphabet's going well.
Have a new project to get cracking at: my pen-pal Aisling is expecting a baby in September! Yeah! More baby things to knit! (Her little girl is 2) As she has already done a layette I'm thinking maybe a toy or maybe a little Aran; I can do up one of those fairly quickly.
In anticipation of the fall birthdays I've decided David's getting the cabled hat out of "Cables Untangled" in the cocoa colored wool I'd originally planned to use for Monique's capelet.
Oh wait, the capelet! She LOVED it! Yeah! Another successful gifty! I love giftys; they don't take a lot of time but people go ga-ga over them.
That's it for today.
P.S. Does anyone else find it annoying that everything seems to be going to cotton yarns? Seriously, cotton has no give, is often heavier than the same thing knit in wool and yet it's promoted as "summer weight"! Cotton is the enemy! Cotton is sore hands unable to knit for days at a time. Cotton is droopy, yucky knits. But cotton is everywhere. Hmmm... My sheepy friends and I will have to figure something out...


Judith said...

Hi from England! Finally got around to looking at the blog - I love the photos, especially Maureen in the park. Hope you're having a fun summer!

Sile said...

It stopped raining so actually got to have a picnic yesterday!