Saturday, April 26, 2008

Links, Soccer, SOX...

So, I've added a few more pics and the link to my Aunt's husband's niece's blog, KnitQuest. It's pretty cool. This week has been dominated by... soccer! The World Class Player's Cup is taking place, so have been at the field cheering on Northern Ireland and Ireland in Mens play (they're in different pools so this is OK). Womens and youth teams have joined the fun this year as well. Not knitting at the games, as I get a little active in my cheering...
Monique's capelet is progressing quite well. I have 4 rows left in the repeat of the cable to do, and then I will measure it to see if it's long enough. I'm pretty sure it's close.
Have a new project that I won't talk too much about. Is anyone else aware of the "Think Outside the SOX" contest, promoted through Knitter's mag? Awesome contest! Socks; I love knitting socks! Designing a really cool pair. Ideas are absolutely bouncing around. I will admit that I'm working toe-up. That's my only hint to what I'm creating. I need to get over to GW and see if they have any of the one sponsered brand of yarn. Then I can enter more categories with one pair of socks. The contest rules and categories, etc can be found at:

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