Saturday, April 12, 2008


Ok, no clue how the posts of Mackenzie's capelet got seperated and in the wrong order. Oh well. My aunt sent 2 blog addresses she thought I'd find interesting. They're written (at least in part) by her husband's niece, and involve knitting! My aunt seems to think this is odd. Mom hasn't told her about my blog; Mom doesn't know the address as then she'd know what her presents are! Makes complete sense. As it is I have to disguise references to gifts for Shannon and Heather as they pop in now and then. (Hi, Heather; you pop in more than Shannon) Anyway, I'll add the addresses to the sidebar if I like what I see. Had to add Yarn Harlot as she's hilarious; bought her latest book yesterday. Laughed so hard I was crying at points! She's so great!
Progress on Monique's capelet is good. Am roughly 1/3 through the cabled panel which I've bordered with Seed st. Am using the "Celtic Braid" cable; sometimes seen in patt books as "Saxon Braid". Going good and over a month to go.

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