Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Off Topic, Sort of. A Dance-y Look at my Health

Off topic in that this post isn't about knitting. On topic because it is about me and my life and that's kind of what this blog's about too, sometimes.

I'm still waiting to get into physio. I think I've mentioned that as an aside a couple times. Thing is, I've been waiting to get in since December *sigh* I'm beyond frustrated with the system at this point.

But I have something behind me that a lot of people don't. I have dance training.

That might not sound like a big thing, but if not for it, I don't know if I'd be walking at all right now. Because my dance training (13 and a half years of actual instruction) gave me the knowledge of the benefits of stretching.

So, I'm putting myself through a slowed down (roughly half an hour to 45 mins) and no bounce version of what we used to do before class. I'm really focusing on sitting up and keeping my posture straight. And I take some of the sideways moves a bit easier on my right side. I'm not trying to make my existing injury any worse!

I was doing some stretching now and then. I wasn't really committed to it though. Now, I'm more driven to do it. I'm starting to believe I'll never get into the physio program at the hospital here and if I don't take care of myself, who will? So, I've stepped it up and I'm making it part of my day. Right up there with my little daily walks.

I'm only into day 2 of my new routine but I already feel better. Like I'm doing something instead of sitting around waiting for something that might never come. Focusing on the positive has never been one of my strong suits (I've often said I'm a realist with pessimistic tendencies) but doing this has me feeling positive :)

From the time I got hurt (last June) until December-ish, I gained roughly 25lbs. I know it was because of going from being active to being a lump. When everything you do, including breathing, hurts you, you tend to not want to do anything. That doesn't mean I was happy about it. In February I started paying better attention to my situation. I determined to start walking a bit every day. That's paid off; I'm down roughly 16lbs!! That has me feeling better too :)

So, that's where I'm at: down about 2/3 of what I absolutely want gone weight-wise, and working on improving my muscle flexibility and a bit of stamina too. I confess, I was trying to do some toe-stands this morning. Which I realize might not be the wisest thing to do in barefeet with one foot having no feeling from the ball up through the toes lol But if I don't try things, how will I know how far I can do? And this is why I'm back to taking my full compliment of meds. I hadn't been taking one of them on a regular basis. But stepping up my activity level and the humidity lately has me back on everything. Better that than pain I could scream from, I say.

So that's it from me today. The sun is shining on my corner of my Island and I'm feeling better than I have in quite awhile.


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