Monday, June 6, 2016

I Have Pictures!!! And other news

I know things have been a bit dull around here. All my project talk with no pictures. Today I'm correcting that!! I has pictures to post of most of my lovelies of this year :)

First up, a shot of me wearing my "January Amusement"
This beauty (the sweater; please ignore the model) is my rendition of Jordana Paige's "Amused". Turned out fabulous and only took me 8 days to knit!!

Next up are three pics of my "Gansey-style Bunnyhug" ("East Nuek Hoodie by Kristin Orne) :)
First, the front:

The back (all the patterning is expanded from what would've been in the hood section):

And finally, the detail of the neckline, since I had to alter it in removing the hood. Also it shows off the adorable snowflake buttons I used ;) (Truest color of these is the first one)

My Habs scarf isn't as red and white as I'd have liked this season but I did finish it off rather nicely as shown in the next 2 pics:

That border just gives it some punch, right?

I mentioned knitting a quilt block. Here's the photographic evidence:
And, yes, I do have a classic car block on my wall.

This brings me to the latest projects, 2 of which are FOs!!

First is the one I called "Mitties" ("Hidden Gusset" by Mona Drager in the First Fall 2014 edition of So quick!! I started one evening (May 27 to be exact) and finished the next afternoon! The pic shows them in progress:
And then I turned around and knit a second pair for K:
Mine were from an ancient ball of Opal I've had in the stash since... I'm not sure when lol! K's were done in Bernat Sox.

And my latest pretty, as I believe I mentioned last time I posted, is Romi Hill's "Alcyone" (project name "Back to the Future") :) I'm just over the halfway point :) Much less in the pic but it gives you the idea:
The yarn is KnitPicks Hawthorne Kettle Dyed in "Delphinium"; it ranges from blues into blue-purples. And depending on the light it looks really purple :) Loving it!

And you might've noticed by the title that I have news...
New pattern in my Ravelry shop as of about an hour and a half ago :) It's a trivet and coasters set that I called "Garden Blooms". A quick little something to use up some cotton I have in the stash and I think it's pretty cute. 

So that's all the pics and news caught up :)


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