Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh Mys


Yeah, I guess I'm just not very good at this whole blog thing. But I do have pics to share! And one is even an FO; we don't see too many of those around here lately. Remember, project details are all in my notebook on Ravelry username knit-dance-repeat

Let's start with said FO: Sweet Little Cats Paw v2.0 :) Got this done in May happily :) photo 1 is the front and photo 2 the back. I'm quite pleased

I have picked up Wingspan (Ravelry; designer's name eludes me) recently and done a bit more (photo 3). The constant garter st gets to me after a bit though.

Which is why I have Day Dreams in Lace otn :) (Knitter's magazine; Brooke Nico) Here's a close-up of the yoke (photo 4) and an in progress shot (photo 5). Am almost to the repeating section of chart C :)

Of course finishing SLCPv2.0 meant I *had* to cast on something new. I chose Tempting (knitty.com; again designer name is eluding me). And like the Wingspan, it is in a constant pattern throughout (in this case ribbing) which nearly puts me to sleep if I do it too long. *sigh* But I do have progress to show (photo 6). AND I bought ribbons to swap out according to my mood (photo 7). Ribbon is good incentive I think ;)

So that's the WIP line-up here in Newfoundland. Hope you enjoyed the tour ;)


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