Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WIP Challenge Week at the WokBox Knit Night

This is cool: my knit-night is having a challenge week. We're all challenging ourselves to work on (& hopefully finish) some of those pesky WIPs. I've committed to 2 things: #1- finishing my "Sweet Little Cat Paws" and #2- getting at least 2 more tiers done on the Dianna. It's nearly October: I gotta get cracking on these birthday pressies!
Progress on SLCP is good: I have 9/14 lace repeats done on sleeve 2. Then the cuff and the front edgings and it's done :)
Progress on D: I have 6 tiers finished. I want to do at least 13 so the piece is of a comparable size to the DW.
Good luck to everyone on their WIPs :) Happy knitting to all the knitters :)


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