Saturday, September 24, 2011

This is sort of cool...

And has nothing to do with knitting or cats or music or dance. Weird huh? And what is this sort of cool thing you're asking? Let me explain.
I was checking the stats for my photos on Flickr and there was this blog listed as referring one of my pics. Cool, I think. I click on the link. It's all in Spanish or Italian or some language other than English that I can't read. But I get the gist of it: it's a walking path along a river and they're trying to raise funds for continued improvements. Now just take a wild guess at the name of the river... C'mon, I know you're smart... It appears in the title of this blog... The river is called Sile. Ain't that a kick in head, as Dino would say. And that's an appropriate person to think of since the river is in fact in Italy. The things you learn on the internet. I wonder if it's pronounced the same? (My name is "She-la" for those who don't know)
Now I need to find a map and see where it is. Maybe someday I'll visit it.

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Sile said...

And here's a bit of info on the River Sile: