Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Member of the Fur-Gang!!

You're hearing it here first, unless of course you saw it on Facebook lol. The Fur-Gang is back to 9 members. A new little girl has been added to the household. She arrived on Monday (Sept 5); followed dad right into the house, bold as brass. So far a name has not been settled on. She is mostly black but has a small white patch on her chest and 2 on her tummy. Also some white between her toes. And a single white whisker. Very cute. She is livening up the rest of the Gang as she loves to chase and jump them. Maureen's nose is seriously out of joint, as is Buddy's. I need to get the picture of her uploaded to the computer so I can put it here. That's all for now. I'll update when she has her name. Hopefully this won't be like poor James; he was nameless for 3 months!!

Edit: Here's some pics of the new little girl


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