Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is here!!

Autumn is here and the knitting is easy...
Ok, maybe not easy lol But progress of all kinds can be reported on most projects.
First up "Sweet Little Cat's Paw": I finished the back and the right sleeve :) Working like  a dervish on the left sleeve; I really wanna wear it!!
Back, just before Seed edging was added

Right sleeve in progress
 "Galaxy 660": restarted on 3.25mm bamboo needles last Sunday. Going awesome :) Am already onto a circ and rnd 38 :)

After Rnd 31

Rnd 36 in progress
Present #1 ie Shimmering is going well. Currently working on it. Started a new section today.
Present #2 ie Sparkle, Sparkle I haven't worked on for a bit. I admit to being distracted by SLCP for nearly a month.
As you can see, cooler weather has inspired me a bit. And the recent magazines I've picked up have had some really beautiful patterns too. Today, I bought The Knitter issue 35; have queued 4 patterns and favorited 2 others. All the fall magazines have been like that. Also worth mentioning in my queue: "Quercus" from Knitty First Fall 2011. I'll buy extra wool and lengthen the sleeves. Thinking of a nice blue or purple in Plymouth Galway... But that will be for later.
Hope you're enjoying your Fall knitting.

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