Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No, I Haven't Forgotten about Knitting

With all my GBS challenge posts, some of you (if there are any) might be concerned about my knitting progress. Have no fears; I'm knitting like a demon over here.
My "Dragon Wing" (Patti Winters, Knitty First Fall 2011) is on hold after completing the right wing. I've decided to get some birthday pressies done before completing it. That may seem odd but there ya go lol
Two of the gift recipients may be reading these words so I'm going to be mean & refer you to Rav ;) Heehee. The first project I've started I entitled "Sparkle, Sparkle" and it's almost to the halfway point. Lovely pattern & yarn. The yarn is Lion Brand "Vanna's Glamour", very soft with a twist of sparkle through it.
I may have to put this one up a bit to have it done in time but there's a fella I'm thinking needs a hat. And what hat would be better than my own "Anchors & Ropes"? None! lol (Shameless plug!!! Go look at it! lol)
Next up, check my queue & you'll find a pattern entitled "Dianna". Doesn't that look cool? I think it'll look neat in the yarn I've chosen.
Haven't chosen yarn or pattern for Mom's pressie yet. Thinking I may skip her knit gift this year just because of time constraints. I'll be taking 2 dance classes this fall plus work & I'm toying with ideas for a new design, possibly more lace. Stay tuned!
That's all the time I've got this morning. Got to get ready for work!

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