Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Days of GBS Challenge: Days 15 - 26

Day 15 - A song you prefer live: Besides all of them?!?! Ummm, "Mari-Mac" because they always insist on the audience getting involved.
Day 16 - Favourite Itunes sessions song: I don't have iTunes so I haven't heard any of these.
Day 17 - A song that is "yours": Easy one!!! "Fast As I Can" I am a fool; I admit it freely.
Day 18 - Favorite cover song: "End of the World as We Know it" because I love how fast Alan can sing those lines!!
Day 19 - A favorite acoustic version: the "living room" version of "Sea of No Cares'
Day 20 - A song that reminds you of someone: Hmmm... this may seem odd but "Old Black Rum" reminds me of my friend Heather. That's actually the ringtone for her on my cellphone!! lol
Day 21 - A song you would like to know how to play: I'd like to actually be able to play an instrument lol Hmmm, "Dear Home Town" would be appropriate I think.
Day 22 - A song to cheer you up: Any of them, other than the noted tear-jerkers!! Ah, specifically though... ok, I never fail to smile when I hear "Ordinary Day" no matter my mood. I often hum it at work to keep calm lol
Day 23 - A song that makes you dance: This is on the list twice lol And there are so many great ones! What to choose? What to choose? What to choose?... The song I'm listening to right now!!  "Jack Hinks" lol Great song for bopping about :)
Day 24 - A song to sing in the shower: Not that I sing in the shower, mind you... but if I did I would most likely be singing "French Perfume"
Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh.: Oooh, so many to choose from... latest gut-buster though "Hit the Ground & Run"
Day 26 - A song that reminds you of somewhere: "Dear Hometown" 'nuff said

Had got a little behind here but all caught up now :) There is no video for French Perfume on youtube that has the b'ys singing :( It's on the "Sea of No Cares" album. Enjoy.

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