Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 Days of GBS: Days 5, 6 & 7

A little behind on updating ;) Big shocker, I know lol. Here's the next few days answers:

Day5: favorite song from "Hard & the Easy"- This is such an awesome album :) Not a bad song in the lot. How to choose my favorite... At the concert in November of 2008, Alan was talking about the lake here in Regina & the dog he'd found (he wrote a FTR about the whole adventure) and amidst some teasing from Sean the lead in for a certain song was slipped in. I was one of the first people out of their seat. The song? "Charlie Horse". Love it!!

Day6: favorite song from "Safe Upon the Shore"- The 'new' album ;) So many different sounds on this one :) Love it!! But my heart belongs to the album's finale piece: "Don't Wanna Go Home"It's jazzy. It's bluesy. Fabulous. Also love "Road to Ruin".

Day7: favorite song from "Turn"- turning back the clock a bit ;) Another album that's hard to choose from; aren't they all? lol Ok, my 'favorite' song from this album has got to be "Can't Stop Falling". It just seems to describe everything just so. Perfect.

That's all for this update. Remember: if you love Great Big Sea, check out the blog

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