Saturday, May 28, 2011

New things happening

So, first off, I have my own computer :) A cute little netbook, so hopefully that means I'll be updating more frequently. Don't faint on me!
With this change to my computing life, I really hope to get the pattern for "Pyewacket" up soon. And there is a new shawl pattern in the thinking stages that I may offer for sale via Ravelry. Watch this space for details!
Currently, I have only a couple things OTN: Pinwheel Sweater, Twisted socks (done sock one) & Petal Shawlette (from the book: 101 Sock Yarn One Skein wonders). I'm using some hand-dyed 80% merino/20% nylon that I bought at my LYS in March. Turning out really nice :) Pics are on Ravelry; it's listed as ''Spring Shawl''.
In fur-gang news, Eddie celebrated birthday 21 earlier this month :) Maureen will be 13 pretty soon. Ack, my baby a teenager!! Everyone is fine & furry.
In dance news, Mosaic starts on Thursday!!!! And even cooler, we have embroidery on the fronts of our dresses now :) Us are gonna look snazzy ;) I'll try to get some pics.
The birds are starting to chirp & I can see light peeping through the edge of the south curtain, so I better try to sleep some.

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