Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trips to the Frogpond & other Adventures

To start off, I don't recall making an announcement about this. CaoraCniotala on Ravelry, is no more. I changed my RavID to knit-dance-repeat in January. Now everyone can say & spell my name :) I'd like to thank sheepwokking ie Lindsay from knit-night, for uploading a pic for my Ravatar. Cathleen the (knitted) Irish dancer now smiles at everyone. Quite appropriate with the new name, don't you think?
I've been doing some traveling this year; to the Frogpond :p I had started "Eire" by Renee Leverington (Goddess Knits) last June. I was using Fibranatura's "Yummy" in lagoon (shades of green). Love the pattern. Love the yarn. The two have very seperate destinies. Frogged! I have started "Twisted" by Jodie Gordon Lucas ( spring&summer 2010) with the "Yummy" and am soooo happy with the results :) I knit a pair of these for Mom's birthday using Punta Yarns' "Merisock Hand Painted" in shades of purple and they turned out fabulous! ("Twisted Grapes" in my Rav notebook) This is an awesome pattern & I encourage you to check it out if you enjoy sock knitting.
The Spring 2011 issue of InterweaveKnits has a number of must makes in it. Topping my list is the "Diminishing Gore Skirt" by Gwen Bortner. I cast-on using Bernat "Satin" in sultana (reddy-purple) Got nearly done the first tier of rectangles (it's done in entrelac), when I decided to try it on. Oh. My. Goodness!!!It was at least 10" too large! And I had gone down a pattern size to accomodate the heavier weight yarn :( Frogpond!
I acquired a Namaste Hip Holster a few weeks ago :) Love it!!! It's become my purse! I have id, debit card, keys & phone in the front pocket & a WIP in the larger section; perfect!
Speaking of WIPs, I've got a few ;) In addition to "Twisted", I'm working on "Ardrum" by Aisling M. Doonan; check her out on Ravelry. She designs gorgeous lace shawls. This is the 2nd of her designs I've done. Am using Fiddlesticks Knitting "Exquisite" in sapphire & this yarn is definitely that! It's a silk/merino blend in lace weight & is absolute heaven to work with :) I do recommend bamboo or other "sticky" needles. Also started "Abotanicity" by Cassie Rovitti ( winter 2007) for myself. Using some merino/nylon hand-dyed at my LYS. It's knitting up well :) Last active WIP is my Pinwheel Sweater (Shelley Mackie, which is also part of a KAL with my knit-night bunch. I'm using 5 shades of blue + charcoal & black in Briggs & Little "Heritage" & "Regal". This ones not going so well; I'm completely bored by it. Can't even force myself to pick it up. I'm about half through the second last color for the body & still have to go back & do the sleeves. Love the way it looks; just can't take the never ending plain rnds. I've got close to 500 sts in a rnd now, so a single rnd takes forever :P
My other adventures include walking over to Chapter's to check out the new books & magazines. In the past few weeks, I've added the following: "Entree to Entrelac" by Gwen Bortner, "A Knitting Wrapsody" by Kristin Omdahl & (last night) "Knitting Knee-Highs: Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary" by Barb Brown. I love entrelac knitting, so it was only natural To get "Entree to Entrelac". I fell in love with 4 or 5 patterns in "Knitting Wrapsody"; the "Infinity Cardi-Wrap" in particular. And I needed a new sock book ;) This one is cool in that all the patterns are for knee-highs & she's included adaptations for nearly all the patterns to make them standard or ankle length; that triples the number of patterns!!! Yay!!! More socks!!!
Speaking of more socks, there are several in the Spring + Summer 2011 It went up earlier this week :) I need to check that out further...
There we go; now you know what's going on knit-wise with me. Off for more adventures, hopefully avoiding the Frogpond!

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