Saturday, April 9, 2011

Knitting Update

Twisted: a new pair by Sile-Muirin
Twisted: a new pair, a photo by Sile-Muirin on Flickr.

So my socks are going quite well, as you can see. Love this pattern as it's not hard but you do have to pay attention so it doesn't become boring. Unlike another WIP I can name... stupid Pinwheel.
It's a lovely, bright sunshiney day here today :) Great day to get out & do... anything really :) I love days like this.
This is just a quick note while updating my Ravelry projects/pictures. Enjoy the weekend!

Via Flickr:
So I've decided to take the Fibranatura "Yummy" from the frogged "Eire" socks & turn it into my own pair of "Twisted" (, Spring+Summer 2010). Loved making this pattern for Mom so I deserve a pair ;)

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