Thursday, July 15, 2010

Um, what was I saying...

Here it is July 15th.
I've been knitting quite a bit. Have the "Aylesbury Shawlette" by Aisling M. Doonan nearly done (In my Ravelry projects as "Aisling Shawl"). Am working on "Eire Socks" by Renee Leverington (listed as "Lough Derg") & "Bombshell" by Stephanie Japel (listed as "Water Bomb") as well. Have several others I want to start.
Furries are pretty good. Kitty seems to be headed over the rainbow :( She can hardly see & her balance is getting worse :( Eddie, on the other paw, is still tearing around without a care :) He turned 20 in May :) The rest of the gang are well, too :)
Summer dancing is going ok. People need to come every week if we're going to get a new dance choreographed before September! Me & S were hoping for a 4 hand Reel this year. It partially done, but need to have 4 people present to see if parts will work or not...
That's all the news that's fit to print!

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