Monday, June 22, 2009

Notes from this Knitter's Notebook...

Have had more problems with the sweater so have tinked back on it. At least it wasn't a complete frog this time! Have decided to give everyone a taste of how the mind works. Here's a bit from my latest project:
Summer/Short Sleeved Sweater for Self
yarn: Noro Taiyo (6 balls from GW trip!); needles: 4.5mm circ.
Pattern: Garter Top from Spring/Summer Knit.1
not working out; frogged May 27

Attempt #2: self-design May 28/09
same yarn and needle
CO52sts. Seed St w/selvedges for 3".
CO57sts at beg of next 2 rows; cont in Seed for 1" more.
not big enough around for arm!

5/28: Attempt #3 self-design same yarn/needle
(*Crocheted CO looks nicest)
*CO 55 sts. Seed st w/selvedge for 1". 54sts=14 1/4"; 8 rows Seed st=1"
Inc each side of NR (57sts), work incs into patt.
Work 7 rows in Seed st; rep inc row (59sts). Work 8 rows in Seed st;
Next Row(RS):
CO 55sts, work in Seed to end (114sts)
Next Row(WS):
CO 55sts, work in Seed to end (169). Work in Seed St for 8 rows more.
Base Entrelac triangles: over 12 sts in Seed.
work 7 triangles: K2tog on last st of tri7, work 7 more tris (168 sts/14 tris)
Next Row(WS): Entrelac Rectangles in St st over 12 sts, picking up on WS. Ede tris @ each end, keeping neat edges.
First Side (WS): End Side(WS):
1)P2 PU&P12sts along the selvedge
2)K1, M1, K1 1)Sl1, K11
3)Sl1, P1, P2t 2)Sl1, P9, P2t
4)Sl1, K1, M1, K1 3)Sl1, K10
5)Sl1, P2, P2t 4)Sl1, P8, P2t
6)Sl1, K2, M1, K1 5)Sl1, K9
...last row(WS):Sl1, P10, P2t. ...last row(WS):P2t, sl last st to RHN

6/22: After almost finishing 3rd row of E rec, have admitted to self that the edges aren't deep enough & 12sts is too large for the E base: Frog/Tinked back to last row of Seed st.
SO: w/169sts on needle, am cont'ing in Seed until (4?5?) incehes from CO for Frot/Back

Am now thinking the "half-rib" from Mom's bed socks (Knitter's mag) over different st# may be better; all rows of pieces done in same st = better gauge than switching back and forth. Will see when I get there...

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