Friday, June 19, 2009

A Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Dad from your favorite (ie only) daughter!


Adam Gonzales said...

The Merry Crew of Captain Kidd is a musical that I am writing using songs from Great Big Sea. The story follows Captain Maxwell Kidd and his conniving crew of law-dodging pirates as they seek to raid government ships out at sea in order to give their earnings to the poor people of Ireland. Kidd and his crew often find themselves getting into serious trouble only to be singing and drinking merrily that night. A comedic-tragedy, The Merry Crew of Captain Kidd is full of lively up-tempo songs that reflect the cherry atmosphere of the musical. Enjoy what I have to put up, and let everyone know about this, as I plan to finish it soon.

Sile said...

That's very cool! I hope it'll play here in Regina at some point; I know several peoplel who will want to see it!