Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Really Cool News...

The first bits have nothing to do with knitting, or the kittens, but is so totally cool I have to share it.
Firstly Great Big Sea is going to perform at the Junos on March 29! They're also up for (?)Group of the Year! This is soooo awesome and I'll actually watch more than 5 mins of the program this so I don't miss them.
Secondly, Russell Crowe is starring in a new Robin Hood movie. (This isn't the truly great part) Guess who's been cast to play minstral/troubadour Allan A'Dayle! Alan Doyle!!! One of our favorite minstrals! Is that type casting or what?! Alan on the big screen... (Too bad no Sean or Bob though... And no Kris or Murray... Especially Murray...)
I've added another links list to the sidebar: non-knitting yet very important sites. GBS, Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit. I'm listed under my first name on GBS (Sile), and as Muirin on the other 2 as my name was taken already! (Can you believe that? There's another Sile running around out there!)
In knitting news: I'm pleased to say that as of Tuesday (March 3), Bernie's sweater-jacket is done!!! Finished the washing, sewing on of loops and toggle on Sunday, but has been in her possession since Tuesday. And she loves it so all is wonderful.
Sweater for Sarah's baby: I'm well onto the sleeves now.
That's all the excitement from this end of things!

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